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What is the problem?

Networking is absurdly inefficient

Networking is absurdly inefficient!



Let's make networking really accurate.



It should "just happen" from your profile.

Ok, that's a start. But what do "accurate" and "automatic" mean? Also...
What geographical scope?

Geographical scope? Should it be a city, a metropolitan area, a state, a region (like "Upper Midwest" or "West Coast")? What is the UI?

How to contact people?

How to contact people? Video calls? Scheduling? Whether you can be contacted at all, or about what? -- more questions!

What about your "history"?

History? "Affective reality"? If your network changes when you change your profile? How to contact someone from your "old network"?

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Who are we?
Marmalade AI has a founding team that is all remote, fascinated by networking, and has worked in freelancing, focus groups, and all kinds of software. We are passionate about making this useful! We know we can't do it without your help!