Professional Networking for Specialists

How can I optimize professional networking as a specialist in UX design, digital marketing, or machine learning? What if, given my profile, I automatically could get a network based on it?

Marmalade enables specialists to network with specialists in UX design, digital marketing, and machine learning — who really need to connect with each other, and find traditional networking slow and irrelevant. Marmalade uses cloud functions with NLP and machine learning in a simple UI on phone or desktop. All you need is a profile.


Virtual network

Create a profile describing your work.

Open a matching professional network.

Emily screen from Marmalade AI
Profiles from Marmalade AI


Your network should reflect what you do

Accuracy is what you want in a professional network. You don't have time for inaccuracy. Specialists need to connect with other specialists to share work and stay up to date. Seredipidty? Fine. But accuracy comes first.

Marmalade AI gives you a network that reflects you.


Your network should be effortless

You can't spend half your time in networking. It should "just happen." Who has time to rate their matches? Instead, if you want your network to change - maybe you have a new skill - just put it in your profile. Your network automatically changes.

Using your profile, Marmalade AI automatically creates an accurate virtual network.