Virtual networking

Accurate, automatic, and appropriate.

Work efficiently to build your professional network.

Why "virtual networking"?

1. Accurate

A network that is relevant to you.

Marmalade AI provides accurate networking of people so they can collaborate.

2. Automatic

Provide your profile, you automatically get a virtual network.

Marmalade AI networking is based on your profile. Want to change your network? Change your profile.

3. Appropriate

Escape conventional networking.

A person chatting through a phone app.

Get Started with "virtual networking" with Marmalade AI

Learn What's New

Keep up with the latest tools, techniques, and technologies by way of people in your virtual network.


In your virtual network, you will find people with whom you would like to collaborate, or just chat and stay current.


Out of a large virtual network of accurate matches, you may form a small group with deeper relationships.