About Marmalade AI, Inc.

Hi there! We're the proud operators of this site, built with Gatsby and Tailwind. Original development work by Justin Blake and Jim Tyhurst. Updated in 2023 by Craig Fisk.


Why do this? We started with user research into the common problems people encounter in networking:

  1. Missed opportunity: You go to an event and learn later there was someone there you should have met.
  2. Staying in touch: People you know from the past have no idea what you are doing now. They could be helpful, but they don't know.
  3. Inefficiency: Networking can be powerful. But there's only so much time you can put into it.

We found each other through user research into networking, connected remotely, and developed a prototype in Figma. Our development aimed for easy-to-use, responsive interaction that could work equally well on phones, laptops, and desktops.

Photo of Craig Fisk.

Craig Fisk

Series A mobile CRM, new software products/channels at Intel. Chicago Booth MBA. (San Jose, CA).

Photo of Jim Tyhurst.

Jim Tyhurst

Software architect, Machine Learning / Natural Language Processing (ML/NLP), Object Computing, Inc. UCLA PhD. (Portland, OR).

Photo of Vivian Tran, Marketing Advisor.

Vivian Tran

Marketing Advisor
New segment marketing, healthcare focus marketing manager. UC Berkeley (Berkeley, CA).

Photo of Michael Porto, Product Advisor.

Michael Porto

Product Management Advisor
Big data, mobile, ML, Intel, Wells Fargo, EY. Princeton MS CS (Charlotte, NC).