About Us


We live in interesting times and innovation is key to the future.

It's great to be developing something where the people using it and the people developing it can be one and the same. We came together through user research into the problems people have with networking and each of us decided it was possible to contribute to making it better.

Photo of Craig Fisk.

Craig Fisk


Series A mobile CRM, new software products/channels at Intel.

Chicago Booth MBA.

San Jose, CA.

Photo of Jim Tyhurst.

Jim Tyhurst


Software architect, Machine Learning / Natural Language Processing (ML/NLP), independent consultant.


Portland, OR.

Photo of Vivian Tran.

Vivian Tran

Marketing Advisor

New segment marketing, healthcare industry marketing manager.

UC Berkeley.

Berkeley, CA.

Photo of Michael Porto.

Michael Porto

Product Management Advisor

Big data, mobile, ML, Intel, Wells Fargo, EY.

Princeton MS CS.

Charlotte, NC.

What's in it for you?

  • Reduce bias and make it easy to build out a network that is right for you. Marmalade AI creates a virtual networkwith people you might not otherwise meet.
  • Accurate relationships make a virtual network useful, rather than just accumulating a list of contacts or hoping for serendipity.
  • Collaborate! You can find specializations and skills to match or complement you. You can create small working groups.
  • Mentor and be mentored, so people with more experience and those with less experience in an area can both grow and contribute.
  • Be environmentally progressive! In particular, make it easier to work remotely and to reduce your ecological footprint.

What's with the logo and name?

Our "splat" logo (

The Marmalade AI Logo.
) suggests quickness and informality (thanks, über-designer Jujube Li). "Marmalade AI" combines stickiness and Artificial Intelligence.