How do I do professional networking virtually?

Getting Started

How do I start doing professional networking virtually?

Click the "book a demo" button on the homepage.

What does it cost?

Free for Early Access users who register now.

Is this a global service?

No. The Early Access program is only available in the U.S.

Building Your Network

How do I connect with other people?

Fill out your profile, and you get a professional network that is virtual. You control communications.

Can I find a job through this?

Not directly. Indirectly, sure, because being on the platform helps build your professional network, which is how 75-80% of work is found.

What can I learn through this?

A professional network is a great resource for learning and sharing whatever is new or relevant in your work.

What if I want to be mentored? Or to mentor?

Indicate that in your profile.

How do I contact people?

For now, set up a Zoom call. We plan to incorporate video chat, including calls and scheduled calls, indicating you are or are not available, and so forth.

What if my specialization is not supported?

Networking applies to everyone. For "Early Access", the focus is on specific areas. If outside of those, you are welcome to participate, but you may not find the matching to be as good. We expect to expand over time.

Your Information

Will my information be protected?

Yes. See our Privacy Policy.

Will my information be sold to third parties?


Will there be advertising on the website?


How do you plan to make money?

As a subscription service.


Where else can I ask questions about Marmalade AI?

Please contact us or schedule a demo call: