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You're freelancing. There are thousands of people you can connect with for better work.

Really? But there isn't time! Well, now you can have Marmalade AI do it. Companies and recruiters use software to sift through thousands of people for a job. Why shouldn't the freelancer be able to go the other way, network with people doing similar work, find the best gigs, uncover resources, get tuned into what's going on? Your network should get smarter the more it's used, too. Want to change your network? Go ahead. Want to mix it up with more serendipidy? You can. You're at the rudder of your self-organizing network.

Co-working (2000 - 2019)

Shared workspaces where freelancers would network.


Virtual networking (2020+)

The good news is we can connect to anyone. The bad news is we're just starting to understand what this means.


Our Team.

It's very big and it's very small!

team people

Freelancers and Fans

The self-organizing drivers of Marmalade AI direction.

If you go to https://forum.marmalade.ai, you can help set app direction. Initial user research and fans determined what’s being developed now (“MVP”). Its future will be defined by the people who use it and contribute to the community.

team people

Craig Fisk


University of Chicago Booth MBA, Intel software product line manager, co-founder/CEO of Series A venture mobile CRM company Gaia Software, for which we recruited 40-50 people. It was the classic VC house of cards, based on vision and persuasion, and we pivoted three times. The tools are 100x better today, basically a laptop and a cloud. Networking is ridiculous. This time, I wanted to persuade people to get involved only after proof of concept. So I’m writing the frontend software in Google’s Flutter and Dart for Android, iPhone, and web; and the backend software in Google Cloud Functions with Tensorflow ML pipelines and Firestore. The design is what’s key. What’s being developed now is driven by freelancers. The future is self-organizing products driven by freelancers.