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You're freelancing. There are thousands of people you can connect with for better work.

Really? But there isn't time! Well, now you can have Marmalade AI do it. ATS software sifts through thousands of people for a job. Why shouldn't the freelancer be able to go the other way, have a virtual peer network come to you with people doing similar work, find the best gigs, uncover resources, get tuned in to what's going on? Your network can get smarter the more it's used. Want to change your network? You can. Want more serendipity? Ok! You're in control of your network and can make it work for you.

Co-working (2000 - 2019)

Shared workspaces where freelancers network.


Virtual networking (2020+)

The good news is we can connect to anyone. The bad news is we're just starting to understand what this means.


Our Team.

It's very big and it's very small!

team people

Freelancers and Fans

The drivers of Marmalade AI direction.

At https://forum.marmalade.ai, you can help set app direction. User research and fans determined what’s being developed now. Its future will be defined by the people who use it.

team people

Craig Fisk


There’s a founding team of four, all remote. As for me: University of Chicago Booth MBA, Intel software product line manager, co-founder/CEO of Series A venture mobile CRM company. That was then, this is now. Networking is broken. We’re starting with virtual peer networking among freelancers. We’re writing the front end in Vue.js and the back end in Google Cloud Functions with NLP and Firestore. The future is software driven by users.